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SoCal Area Skill Development Clinics

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🏀What to Expect:

Our Skill development clinics are broken down into 3 major categories: 

Ball handling, shot creating, Basketball IQ. 


🏀 Ball Handling- We want our players to be confident with the ball in their hands. We will teach them to handle the basketball in all situations and have the confidence no defender will be able to steal the ball away from them. We want them to be comfortable handling the ball like its second nature so that they can keep their head up  and see the floor and see their open teammates or open driving lanes


🏀 Shot Creating- We want our players to be able to score the ball from areas on the floor. Being able to practice different type of shots, different type of finishes, and understanding angles is huge for any player. We want our players thinking if their number is called, they can get up a good shot at all times.


🏀 Basketball IQ- We want our players to learn the game. They will learn how to attack different defenses, how to see the open man, and how to play great defense. As long as our players can think the game, they can stay in the game!


Our drills and concepts will be delivered at every practice and our main goal is to constantly physically and mentally challenge the kids. They will never feel bored or stay in a place for too long. We want them constantly moving and constantly thinking as we believe that is the key to their growth as HoopRight players!

Class Options
Monday & Wednesday

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SoCal Skills Clinic Adv - Mon & Wed



Every 4 weeks

Skills Clinic, 4 Weeks: Advanced - Mon & Wed

Valid until canceled

Monday Only

SoCal Skills Clinic Adv - Mon Only



Every 4 weeks

Skills Clinic, 4 Weeks: Advanced Mon Only

Valid until canceled